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Lymphoedema, Fibrosis and Scar Tissue

Updated: May 15

We were thrilled to be joined at our April meeting by Peter Mac’s Senior Clinician Physiotherapist – the wonderful Megan Howard!  Megan spoke with 22 of our members on the causes, effects and potential treatments for lymphoedema, fibrosis and scar management. 


With so many members having experienced lymphoedema and fibrosis to some extent following their treatment, Megan’s presentation was incredibly informative and generated a lot of great discussion. There are many options available to help reduce the swelling associated with lymphoedema including massage, compression, exercise and laser treatment, however, Megan stressed it is always important to see a physiotherapist trained in head and neck lymphoedema for an initial assessment.  Patients and carers can find a registered practitioner on Australian Lymphology Association website. Peter Mac runs Q&A session at the Wellbeing Centre event Let’s talk Lymphoedema. 


The group shared their own experiences with lymphoedema and fibrosis. Like many challenges once treatment has ended, it can be difficult to find the right services outside of the hospital environment. It is apparent different things work for different people so the message seems to be keep trying, don’t give up and you will find someone who can help – whether that’s a physio, OT or myotherapist.

It was great to be joined by four new members today. With members ranging from those currently undergoing treatment to some who are 20 years post, it is great to see the support we give each other particularly on the common aspects we all experience.

Finally, a couple of our 'shy' members have been at it again so be sure to check out this great fundraiser being run by Head and Neck Cancer Australia.

You can register for our next meeting, on 7th May, here. See you all then.

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