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Hearing from Head and Neck Cancer Australia

It is always enlightening and a delight to be joined by Head and Neck Cancer Australia CEO Nadia Rosin. Nadia spoke to 18 of our members about the role of Head and Neck Cancer Australian, the support they provide, including the key initiatives they are undertaking to improve the lives of people affects by head and neck cancers.

As Australia’s only national charity dedicated to providing comprehensive information and support to people living with head and neck cancer, they certainly have a lot on their plate. Head and Neck Cancer Australia (HANCA) provides free information and support to over 5,000 people diagnosed with head and neck cancers each year, as well as raising awareness and advocating for prevention and patient care for over 17,000 people who are living with the side effects of Head and Neck Cancer.

Originally called Beyond Five to reflect the long-term side effects many head and neck cancer patients battle with, HANCA was established in 2014 and has achieved many great outcomes for head and neck patients and carers. Nadia and her small team continue to work hard on a range of activities from developing resources, advocating for patients and carers, to raising awareness of head and neck cancers. An overview of HANCA’s work can be seen here, or by visiting their website.

The support Head and Neck Cancer Australia provides is amazing. You can help support HANCA by making a donation here.

The Vic Head and Neck Cancer group members spent the rest of our meeting discussing the challenges of navigating the healthcare system, particularly when we receive conflicting information. This leads to frustration and confusion, and can be hard to motivate your way through. We discussed strategies to find the right information, and encouraged each other to keep looking for the answer.

We look forward to seeing you all again in December for our final meeting of 2023. You can register here.

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