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Lymphedema, Fibrosis and Tik Tok

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

We were delighted to hear from Peter Mac physiotherapist Megan Howard at our August meeting. Many head and neck cancer patients suffer from lymphedema or fibrosis at some stage following their treatment, so it was great to have so many members joining Megan online Lymphedema and fibrosis can be long term side effects that change overtime. It is important to keep the area clean and seek advice if symptoms change. There are many options available to help reduce the swelling associated with lymphedema including massage, compression, exercise and laser treatment, however, Megan stressed it is always important to see a physiotherapist trained in head and neck lymphedema for an initial assessment.

Patients and carers can find a registered practitioner on Australian Lymphology Association website. Peter Mac runs Q&A session at the Wellbeing Centre event Let’s talk Lymphoedema.

Following Megan’s discussion, the group shared their own experiences with lymphedema and fibrosis. We also discussed the side effects from chemotherapy and ways for managing those.

The group took time to remember our friend Hayley Eldridge who passed away in late July. Hayley was an incredibly special person and big advocate for the head and neck community. Hayley’s family have set up an in memorial page for Hayley with donations going to Head and Neck Cancer Australia - Hayley Eldridge

To close out the meeting we shone the spotlight on group member, Andy, and his amazing daughter’s Tik Tok contribution to World Head and Neck Cancer. See Andy in action here.

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