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Give yourself time

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Our March meeting was a great success with 23 members joining, including 4 new members. During the meeting, we had an open discussion about the side effects of head and neck cancer that many of us experience. We talked about the difficulties of eating and loss of taste, as well as the late onset side effects and fatigue that often come with treatment.

One key takeaway from the discussion was that things take time, and it's important to give ourselves time and be realistic in our expectations. We need to be kind to ourselves and understand that recovery is a process that can take a while. Another topic that came up was isolation and depression, which can be common among cancer patients. It's important to stay connected with loved ones and support groups, as well as seek professional help if necessary.

One important reminder that we discussed was the importance of advocating for our own health. Nobody knows our bodies better than ourselves, and we need to be proactive in communicating with our healthcare providers about any concerns or symptoms we may be experiencing.

The meeting was a valuable opportunity to share our experiences and support one another in coping with the side effects of head and neck cancer. We look forward to continuing these discussions at our April meeting.

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