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Xerostomia – who knew Dry Mouth had such a fancy name?!

Welcome to winter! It was a very cold, wet rainy day so it was nice to have 6 of our members meeting face to face in the wellbeing centre. We were joined by another 6 members online also. I think the access to meetings online has been a wonderful benefit to all our regional members. A great way to make connections and receive/give support even being so far away from Peter Mac.

Shae and Sophie from the Peter Mac Dental Oncology team joined us in the Wellbeing centre and shared lots of helpful information on Xerostomia – who knew Dry Mouth had such a fancy name?! I’ve always found the Dental Team very helpful, insightful and very open and honest with information, today’s session was no exception. I think we all walked away with useful day to day tips to help relieve the annoying affliction of dry mouth which so many of us now suffer from.

We had a few new faces at today’s meeting which is always fantastic to know that the word is out there about our group and that they’ve been able to find us and for us to have their input to the meetings too.

Next meeting we won't have a guest speaker but hopefully you can join us on June 30th 12pm to have a chat in the Peter Mac Wellbeing Centre.

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