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Talking to a Speechie

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

It’s always great to see so many familiar faces at the meetings and always great to share the ups, downs and everything in between. I find it so inspiring that we can still have a laugh together even though sometimes it feels like there isn’t much to laugh about. So nice we can find common ground, support one another and elevate each other when we often need that little boost to continue on. This month we got to hear about some interesting saliva stimulation tricks and also some seemingly tasty recipes some of us might want to give a try before the next meeting or simply keep up our sleeve for those days when food just has lost it’s joy and we need something new to inspire us.

Hard to believe we are already half way through 2023, but it is already June! This month we were joined by Jacqui Frowen who is a wonderful Speech therapist at PeterMac and as always with our amazing guest speakers Jacqui offered her wisdom when it came to many of the side effects we battled through or still battling through (like dry mouth and fibrosis) but she also was able to share some of the interesting work she’s doing in the at the moment in a research project to help future patients around dysphagia.

We also had Shae from dental pop by to remind us, if we can, to participate in an evaluation survey. For those of you who are interested in taking part and are yet to do so, please find the link here.

And for those that wanted to get in touch with Shae directly as she suggested please find her email below;

We look forward to our July meeting which will be held on Wednesday the 5th July.

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