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Our very first meeting - November 2019

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

The Victorian Head & Neck Cancer Education & Support Group was launched on Thursday 28th November 2019!

We hosted a special guest Julie McCrossin (Head and Neck Cancer survivor, Broadcaster and Journalist), who spoke about the importance of friendships between cancer survivors & with compassionate multidisciplinary team members

“Spending time with likewise people gives comfort, support and hope to move forward.”

The formation of this group has been led by the Western Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (WCMICS), following a gap identified in the support available to those affected by Head and Neck Cancer.

In July and October of this year, we have held two community events to connect with 136 patients, carers, family members and healthcare professionals.

We have partnered with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to help support the group going forward, and to provide a location to host the meetings in the Wellbeing Centre

§ Group purpose and agreement (To be uploaded Feb 2020)

Our aim is to provide information and support for those affected by Head and Neck Cancer.

We will invite a guest speaker to discuss a relevant topic, and share stories & tips from other people going through similar experiences.

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