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Prehabilitation and post treatment side effects

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We always know we are in for an informative session when we are joined by members of Peter Mac’s Nutrition and Speech Pathology department, and we weren’t disappointed at our April meeting. Jenelle and Kate told us they know treatment is hard, and that finding the right information at the right time is hard. We need to be physically ready, and we need to be mentally ready. So that’s why they are developing a wonderful new prehabilitation resource to assist head and neck cancer patients preparing for treatment. The resource is in trial phase and will be released later this year. Based on what the group saw at the meeting, Jenelle, Kate, and the broader project team including head and neck cancer patients, have created something amazing that will be hugely beneficial for future patients and carers. We look forward to sharing the resource when it becomes available.

Kate also spoke to us about post treatment side effects. While no two patients experience is the same, we typically all experience these side effects to some degree – dry mouth, taste changes, fatigue, lymphedema and mucositis. As Kate reminded us, treatment is a like being run over by a bus...and then having the bus reverse over us again! Thankfully Kate provided some wonderful tips to help manage the side effects and improve recovery.

You can click on the below topics Kate covered to find helpful Peter Mac resources.

We all enjoyed hearing from Kate and Jenelle so much we lost track of the time and ran late with no members only discussion. In fact we were so enthralled I forgot to get a group photo! Oh well, there is always next month. We look forward to seeing you all again in May for a member only meeting. Please register here.

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