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New members and great information - August 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

In these COVID times, it was fantastic to be able to meet in person at PeterMac’s Wellbeing Centre. Our August meeting was well attended with 13 members meeting online and face to face. We had 6 new members come along this meeting. It is wonderful to see the group growing and new friendships forming as we learn from and support each other.

As always we started the meeting with guest speakers before holding a closed session where we met the new members and shared our experiences.

Kirsty and Jenelle from PeterMac’s Nutrition and Speech Pathology Department hosted a great session on all things diet and nutrition related. The interactive and conversational approach was well received by all members with a lot of interesting areas being covered. Jenelle and Kirsty provided the group with an update on the CanEAT pathway being developed by their team.

The CanEAT pathway provides nutrition and cancer information for all cancer types, treatments and time-points in the cancer path. There are two versions – one for patients and carers, one for health professionals. The CanEAT pathway provides a credible, one-stop shop of information with practical tips to answer your day to day nutrition and cancer questions.

It’s freely available here:

The PeterMac team are currently working on improving the CanEAT pathway further (in a new project called the iCanEAT project) by creating new interactive resources to help bring the current pathway to life. Within a few months, they will have a range of new fact sheets, a postcard, animations, audio and more!

The group then met privately to share experiences, thoughts and individual stories. It is always great to have new members join the group, and the common experience we all share quickly leads to some great and interesting discussions.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 6th October. Please email us or register your interest to RSVP.

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