It's great to be back - February 2021

Updated: Apr 8

We held our first meeting for the year on the first Wednesday of February, and our first meeting face to face back at PeterMac’s Wellbeing Centre since February 2020! It was lovely to see familiar faces and connect in person. Geri MacDonald, Director Prevention & Wellbeing at PeterMac opened the meeting with a lovely welcome back message, and encouraged the group members to utilise the Wellbeing Centre resources whenever they were in the area.

Whilst head and neck cancers can come in many forms, the treatment is often very similar. We had two new members join us this month and it was great to hear from them and share thoughts on the collective experiences we have all had. The group discussed potential guest speakers for the coming meetings. With agreement that diagnosis and commencement of treatment often happen quickly, it was decided revisiting treatment side effects would be a good focus for the group in 2021.

Our next group meeting is scheduled for the 1st April. We will meet again at PeterMac and also online. Please register your interest.

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