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Is everyone in Europe and Noosa?

It was lovely to see everyone at our August meeting. We had 19 members join, including four new members. This month we were also joined by the smart and talented Ruby from Peter Mac’s Head and Neck Cancer research team. Ruby and the research team are working to improve early detection of head and neck cancers, which will lead to improved diagnosis and improved treatment outcomes. As many head and neck cancer patients know, diagnoses can be a slow and frustrating process. Late-stage diagnosis often means the treatment is stronger and side effects longer lasting. We instantly recognised the benefit of the research and wish Ruby and the team every success.

Our four new members shared their experiences with treatment and side effects. As is often the case there was a lot of nodding in agreement as we listened to the stories unfolding – the stresses, the challenges, the hope and the gratitude for the treatment teams. There was also joy at the news that two members are separately heading off to Italy for a well deserved break now that their treatment has come to an end. With members on holidays from Noosa to Italy we can only wonder how many of you we will see in September! If you aren’t on holidays you can register here – and you can still dial in from Italy if you’re really keen!

We missed Andy this month who was unable to attend due to surgery. Andy’s daughter Brittaney was recently announced as an ambassador for Head and Neck Cancer Australia. It’s fantastic that Andy and Brittany continue to raise awareness to improve the lives for those affected by head and neck cancer. And of course it’s a great excuse to share Brittany’s tik tok of Andy for those who missed it first time around - watch our superstars Andy and Brittany here.

See you all in September.

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