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How do you get through your…journey?

It was great to catch up with each other at our September meeting. We had 18 members including four new members and Jag the dog! With no guest speaker this month we launched straight into introductions and members group chat. With a range of head and neck cancer’s and people at varying stages of treatment from pre-treatment to many years post the conversation was broad and informative, although the common theme for the day was definitely what people do to get through treatment.

We all agreed that journey isn’t the right word to describe the experience of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, but couldn’t think of a better word to describe it. Regardless of the term, it was interesting to share the ways we faced the physical and emotional challenge of cancer. Self care and ensuring we have emotional support, for both patients and carers is so critical. Everyone is different and different things work for different people – some made photo diaries, some kept journal, and other sought help from professional psychologists. Whatever it is, keeping positive and ensuring you have a way to keep focused is key. Don’t forget Peter Mac’s Well Being centre provides a range of activities each month. You can check out the current well being activities here.

Andy gave us an update on Brittany, his daughter and Head and Neck Cancer Australia ambassador’s work. Andy and Brittany recently met with MP Bill Shorten to discuss the impacts of head and neck cancer ahead of the launch of the Australian Cancer Plan. And speaking of journey’s Vicki shared the highlights of her recent trip to Canada. Not to be outdone Craig emailed from Italy to let us know his ‘journey’ was going well – he is offsetting fatigue and speeding up his recovery with lots of gelato! So jealous Craig….

You can register now for the October meeting here.

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