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All about lymphedemia! - April 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

It was great to meet for the second time this year at PeterMac’s Wellbeing Centre. We had a great turn out including four attendees joining online via zoom. It is great to catch up in person but also fantastic that we can extend our reach to reginal Bendigo, as well as catering for people who can’t make it into the Wellbeing Centre.

It was wonderful to have PeterMac’s Senior Clinical Physiotherapist, Erika Kotowicz, join us. Erika spoke to the group about side effects caused by cancer treatments with a particular focus on lymphedema and fibrosis.

It is very common for cancer patients to feel overwhelmed with information when first diagnosed and getting ready for treatment. Erika helped the group understand why we experience some side effects, the treatments we can seek from practitioners and treatment we follow up with at home.

For the rest of the meeting, we met some new members and welcomed back previous members who have returned after recently completing treatment. The conversation focused on fatigue and changing eating habits over time. As always it is wonderful to be amongst people with similar experiences and to share tips to getting back to the ‘new normal’.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 2nd June – please make sure you register or email to let me know you’re coming. Look forward to seeing you then!

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